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zoroxsanji zosan onepiece zoro sanji sanjixzoro onepiecefanfiction luffy roronoazoro vinsmokesanji nami sanzo usopp strawhats fanfiction robin yaoi boyxboy bl ... this a Sanji x Zoro, if ya Don't like then leave! ... COMPLETED☑️ Sanji Vinsmoke and his best friend Monkey D. Luffy own the most popular bakery in his town "Baratie" with their ...

Luffy x zoro fanfiction. Things To Know About Luffy x zoro fanfiction.

Beugla Sanji. - Mais tu sais Sanji, que tu serais sexy en limace, lança innocemment Robin. - JE COURS ME CHANGER POUR TOI ROBIN D'AMOUR, s'éloigna Sanji avec des cœurs dans les yeux. - Oh peut vraiment lui faire avaler n'importe quoi, fit Zoro ravi de l'idée de Robin. - Toujours, mon Zoro.Nami confessed her Love to Luffy, but then Zoro confesses his Love for Luffy. As Nami and Zoro argue over who should get him, Luffy, loving them both asks to try them both out. Starting a hot night as Luffy becomes the meat and cheese between the sandwich of Zoro and Nami. Luffy X Nami, Zoro X Luffy. One Piece - Rated: M - English - Angst/Humor ...How about you become my meal." Luffy looked at him stunned. She started laughing "ha, Zoro you can't eat your captain". This caused Zoro's grin to widen. He lowered himself and started to nibble on the smooth skin of Luffy's neck. "Zoro! Oi, I told you. You can't eat people. Sto.."Luffy x fem!Zoro : 2. Ace x fem! Zoro: 1 [Only one? Aww…] Other: 1. I guess this story isn't popular. Ah, never mind. Enjoy Chapt. 2 that is going to have very little of Luffy x fem! Zoro! Probably OOC-ness Luffy and Zoro!Trafalg-guy help" Luffy grabbed onto Law before he had even realised what was going on. Law tumbled over to the edge of the head whilst keeping hold of Luffy's hand. "Ahh, that was close!" Luffy giggled as he hung over the sunny, above the new ocean waiting to gobble him up. "Thank-you, Trafalg- guy!"

Roronoa Zoro Loves Monkey D. Luffy. First Kiss. luffy and zoro's unhealthy codependency lets goooo. It's as if the deck was constantly tilted, his steps unsteady. Luffy leans on the railing and looks down. The water swirls below, dark and cold. The roar of the waves crashing against the hull is loud in his ears.

Luffy-Zoro friendship stories. Title says it all. I'm not looking for slash (not my cup of tea, ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯ sorry). Longform stories like Second Wind are fine to recommend. What I'm looking more for though is stories that expound upon There's a lot of analyses and such that talk about how Zoro is the more serious side of the crew or the ...Watch this video to find out how to cut wood molding cleanly without splintering using a handsaw. Expert Advice On Improving Your Home Videos Latest View All Guides Latest View All...

Zoro, Sanji and Luffy unknowingly eat aphrodisiacs and must deal with the consequences. Series. Part 16 of Tales from the Going Merry; Language: English Words: 3,033 …Synchrony announced it's providing financial assistant to small businesses needing recovery money following the pandemic response. Synchrony announced it will provide financial sup...Chapter 1: Luffy's Dilemma. I couldn't believe how long it has been. Me and my nakama were finally getting close to the place where I dreamed of going to. The place where one man had left everything he ever owned and gathered in his entire life. The island called Raftel, the place the Pirate King, Gold Roger left his legendary treasure, the One ...Luffy smiled sadly, which sent arrows of guilt into their hearts, and pointed to the calendar on the wall. They each turned to look at the messy calendar. It was that day. On the day's date it read, 'Met Zoro~ Mugiwara Pirates start!~' in colourful writing. Each crew member felt a pang of guilt into their hearts.Tashigi started nagging Zoro about how he wouldn't fight her because of her being female. Smoker was fighting with Luffy and Kizaru was attacking Sanji. Robin was annoyed by Tashigi's constant nagging, as was Zoro. Nami, Usopp, and Chopper were working on a plan to help the others in their fights. Franky and Brooke were in on the plan as well.

"Sanji!" Luffy is the first one who enters the infirmary to see their new nakama. "Shh!" Sanji said, a bundle on his arms. They can see a tiny green spots from far. "Meet Midori. He is a guy though." Everyone is excited. Luffy is overexcited. Zoro is definitely extremely overjoyed. "Wow, he's cute! Midori-chan! This is Auntie Nami!" Nami coos ...

King Garp is trying to find the perfect alpha noble for Luffy, but Luffy doesn't want to marry a noble. But Luffy and Zoro will have to keep their relationship a secret, or else Zoro will face the wrath of Luffy's two overly-protected alpha brothers, or worse, Grandpa Garp sentencing him to the executioner's block. Language: English Words: 23,163

Luffy argued, knowing he won, he held out the swords to Zoro. "Anyway, here are your swords, just grab them with one hand, I'll cut the ropes with my sword." Zoro nodded in affirmative. The Marines were advancing on them with their swords held high, they assumed that since bullets won't work, blades will.Read sanji x luffy from the story luffy and us by kai_writer97 (Kai_writer97) with 3,251 reads. law, sanji, zoro. I...Zoro’s way Back By: Ccube29. After reaching the island before Raftel, the Strawhat Pirates are ambushed by Akainu, Fujitora, and Smoker. After watching his crewmates getting picked off one by one, Luffy tells Zoro to go to Raftel, where Coby gives him a device that allows him to go back in time. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure - Zoro ...Luffy just smiles at his brother and shakes his head no. Ace sighs and tells Luffy they should head out so they won't be late. As they walk out Garp gives them both a good knock on the head and tells them to stay out of trouble while the two of them silently cry in pain. Soon they meet up with Zoro and Sanji.Pining Trafalgar D. Water Law. Top Monkey D. Luffy. Bottom Trafalgar D. Water Law. Law's life as an omega prince has become stagnant and monotonous as he waits for the inevitable day that his uncle finally decides to marry him off to some stranger for political gain.Ch. 1 Luffy vs. Zoro. A grin spread a crossed his face as he caught the stern look of his swordsmen. The straw hat boy's eyes were brimming with cheerer as he leaped towards the older boy, glomming him to the floor in an act of pure excitement. "Oi Zoro!Zoro has been through plenty of battles with fierce opponents but he knew one thing, a furious woman was deadlier then any pirate at The Grand Line. He simply says "hai hai" followed by a head nod. Confident with that answer, Robin grew less tense. Her face began to clear up and a smile formed once again.

sanji took one of luffy's favorite and went straight, to luffy's room, when he entered, he saw of beautiful boy sleeping peaceful, sanji kept luffy's food on the desk and went near luffy, who was sleeping, sanji sat beside luffy and kissed on the forehead of luffy and called him in a low and mellow voice, " babe wake up , I brought your ... Nami confessed her Love to Luffy, but then Zoro confesses his Love for Luffy. As Nami and Zoro argue over who should get him, Luffy, loving them both asks to try them both out. Starting a hot night as Luffy becomes the meat and cheese between the sandwich of Zoro and Nami. Luffy X Nami, Zoro X Luffy. One Piece - Rated: M - English - Angst/Humor ... Zoro's struggling with the love he has for Nami, struggling so hard it hurts her physically and mentally. Rated for hard words, slight sex and blood One Piece - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 8,183 - Reviews: 66 - Favs: 29 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 6/13/2005 - Published: 3/17/2005 - Zoro, NamiChoose Your Own Ending. Luffy has finally become the Pirate King (Queen). However, Garp, her grandfather, noticed the increase in her admirers, which concerns him. Garp, with some help from Morgan, organized a competition to determine who was more worthy of his granddaughter’s hand in marriage. Fem! Luffy x everyone.Zoro x Mihawk une demande de Portgas D Hikaru. RATING : M car Lemon. Exigence : Lemon et du Sadisme ! XD ma parole vous êtes tous accros aux yaoi (quoi que c'est vrai y'a que 4 fic où c'est mixte, c'est vrai que je pense plus la dessus, mais vous en faîtes pas j'en fais pas une allergie). L'histoire se passe durant l'ellipse.

A place where those fans of the YAOI pairing Zoro X Luffy can chat about the couple. You can present or accept challenges for ZoLu if you want. A fun place for lively chat between authors and fans who have this couple in common. Come make some friends. Zoro watches in horror as Lucy slips off a scaffold merrily, unwilling to save herself. He reaches for her and shouts, screaming "Lucy, no—". Zoro wakes, and sees the planked ceiling of the boys' quarters in the Sunny. He releases a quiet, slow breath, and mentally catalogues his nakama's whereabouts.

Trafalg-guy help" Luffy grabbed onto Law before he had even realised what was going on. Law tumbled over to the edge of the head whilst keeping hold of Luffy's hand. "Ahh, that was close!" Luffy giggled as he hung over the sunny, above the new ocean waiting to gobble him up. "Thank-you, Trafalg- guy!"For a 9-year-old girl, that meant look around and make sure no one was waiting in the shadows. Determining she was safe enough, she made her way downstairs, to come upon a bar. A green haired woman, no older than 21, was standing behind the table, cleaning up and organizing. She turned to see the little oni and smiled.Set just post-timeskip. Robin and Nami are Best Friends. Robin loves Luffy. Nami loves Luffy. Luffy loves meat. Problems ensue. (I've always shipped Nami x Luffy. But I also really like shipping Robin x Luffy. So this is me having my cake and eating it too) Essentially a harem fic that I attempted to make somewhat believable. Will have mature ...But they spurred back to life when its hull landed back onto choppy waves, all other ships mere specks on the horizon. Luffy held onto Uta tightly, the woman asleep in his lap, head resting on his shoulder and the side of his head. "Uh…". Usopp mumbled, finally shaking off the dizziness and casting a look at Luffy."Sweet." Zoro grabbed the glass and started filling it up to the top before taking a big gulp of the stuff. "Whoa, hey, take it easy, you're supposed to pay me first!" Zoro reached into his pocket and put down the money before putting down the glass, which had wound up almost empty and let out a satisfied sigh.Luffy-Zoro friendship stories. Title says it all. I'm not looking for slash (not my cup of tea, ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯ sorry). Longform stories like Second Wind are fine to recommend. What I'm …This is the nth time that luffy stole a meat from you right on your plate. Everyone was starving for a week and this is the first meal you and the crew had after all those days. Chunks of food was thrown all over the place and even nami was eating a huge serving of spaghetti with her and zoro kept on asking for seconds.It worked!" Luffy smiled up at Zoro and Law gaped at them. "You have some real nerve, Straw Hat-ya." Law got up and walked away, headed back to his own ship. Zoro looked back down at Luffy, and Luffy looked up at him. Zoro scowled and pulled Luffy to his feet, who quickly shoved both popsicles into his mouth to eat them both in one big bite.Never crosses Zoro's mind, Luffy will affect his life. And saving her from troubles isn't an easy task either. But, he's trying his best to keep his promise, that's the only thing he's best at. fem!Luffy X Zoro. ZoLu!

came a desperate, horse and yet still sweet sounding of a voice. A leg stretched and whipped yet another group of Marines out of the way before retracting to start running again. Short blue jean shorts that cut off in the middle of a slim, yet bandaged thighs. Arms pumping more punches, unconcerned for anything in the way.

People don't like to admit it but using luffy's role in arlong park as reason for why you ship LuNa can apply just as equally to Robin with luffy going there to rescue her and be her light. If Robin and Nami's ages were flipped you'd have a lot more people shipping Robin and Luffy when compared to LuNa shippers. 6. Share.

Je pose deux doigts sur ses testicules : - Non Zoro, supplia Law. - Si, fis-je lentement. J'appuyai et massai en même temps, Law fit un bond sur place, ses yeux s'écarquillèrent, le souffle complètement coupé, la bouche ouverte. J'en profite pour lui donner un bon coup de rein, son cri m'électrise. POV Law :Another Lie By: The Dark Crimson Blood. The straw hats begin to regret lying to Luffy, especially after listening to their Captain apologize for the same exact reason. The hairline crack in their friendship spread further. Rated: Fiction K - English - Angst/Drama - Luffy, Strawhat Pirates - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,329 - Reviews: 38 - Favs: 278 ...A windless day on the Sunny has left the women of the Straw Hat Pirates: Robin, Nami and you, bored. To combat this, Nami has the great idea to make a girl tell a pickup line to a male member of the crew. Your pickup line to Zoro leads to you having some fun times with the swordsman. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words ...Luffy's Sister, Zoro's lover (A Zoro/Zolo love story) Intro/Chapter One. Name: Tsunami. Family: Luffy and Ace. Gender: Female (duh!) Age: You never ask a woman her age!!! Hair: Long, Black and wild with bright blue highlights, just like Luffy (expect the highlights) Eyes: Electric Blue. Occupation: Lone Pirate, Swordswomen, Spy, Double Agent ...Anime/Manga One Piece. ERROR 404 : YAOI NOT FOUND By: Khali's Words. Les délires journaliers d'une yaoiste déchaînée ça vous tente ? Divers couples Yaoi.ranked #1 cute #1 comedy-romance #2 young adult #2 bollywood #2 love at first sight #3 passion #7...Mainly a fiction about the Sanji x Nami pairing but has other pairings in small parts like Luffy x Hancock, Zoro x Robin, Usopp x Kaya, Sabo x Koala and Law x Bonney. One Piece - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 8 - Words: 7,896 ... This Fanfic happens after Wano assuming that the Straw Hats defeated Big Mom and Kaido. (Bold ...Peace! Chapter 1 - New Comeback Surprising Encounter. No one's POV. You can see falling from the sky at a very high speed is a man that's covered in serious wounds. The person who challenged the Yonko Kaido and is now falling helplessly is a pirate named Monkey D. Luffy, or more known as 'Mugiwara no Luffy'. You may be wondering about …Wordlessly, Zoro took a seat on the other side of the sofa and reached for the young man's outreached hand. Without a word, Luffy sat on Zoro's lap, head tucks under his swordsman's chin and cried. Zoro just hug Luffy tighter and kiss his head, letting him cried on his chest. After a while, the crying stopped, but the sniffle didn't.

Zoro said as he tensed his legs, ready to jump at the ships. Wordlessly, Luffy dropped into a horse stance with one hand on his knee and a fist planted on the earth as he pumped his legs, his skin turning a bright red tint with steam billowing from his skin. Sanji stopped spinning, bringing his flaming right leg in front of him. " Diable Jambe ."Nami said closing her eyes and lying on the beach chair again. Hancock just looked with angry eyes at her and Nami just felt a little anger growing inside her. DAY TWO. "Dinner time!" Sanji yelled. "MEAT!" Luffy started to run as always. Nami got up from her chair in the girl's room and went to the deck.Luffy (still with his arms tied), Zoro, Nami, and Coby (being dragged by Zoro) ran as if their lives depended on it. Behind them, parts of the rooftop crumbled, falling into the street below. Luffy was laughing his head off, Zoro was silent, and Nami was staring at the hat-wearing pirate thinking he was insane.Only Happiness (Luffy x Reader) By: RawrImaOtaku. You, a 19 year old sex slave saves Luffy and his crew from being tortured and imprisoned. You join their crew after saving their lives. They all warm up to you, but a straw hatted captain warms up to you in more ways than one. Find out what happens!Instagram:https://instagram. preston oliver shirtlessjimmy johns locations mnwas baylee despot ever foundtesehki birthdate Luffy asked, cocking his head to the side. "They were kissing," Nami repeated. "Two people do it with each other, usually a boy and a girl." "But why!" Luffy asked as if Nami had missed the entire point. "It's so stupid! AND it looked yucky!" "I guess to them it wasn't," Nami said with a shrug, returning to her map.Luffy takes a certain drug in a shop that is run by a mysterious person, causing him to perform some activities with a certain swordsman in his crew. Was it just coincidence that Luffy took the drug, or was fate pushing the two to realize their love for each other? movies at jordan creekasian massage fresno Charlotte Katakuri was expecting a lot of things when he went to rescue one of his baby sisters who had been taken by surprise near the harbor and caught by slave traders. He was expecting to find his sister Pudding unharmed most likely but perhaps with the slave mark on her back. He was expecting her to have managed to be sneaky enough to get ... civ 6 maps Luffy whined as a few more soldiers advanced on them. They were back to fighting for their lives. Eventually, Sanji spotted a gap in the wall of soldiers, so he grabbed Luffy's stretched out arm, and yelled at Zoro to follow. The trio ran back the way they came, Luffy complaining whiled being dragged along by Sanji.Impregnation. Lack of clothing. When Monkey D. Luffy was young he ate a very rare devil fruit even among the most rare fruits which grants him the power to be feared by the gods, so he will be set himself in a journey to live his dream of becoming the pirate king using the powers of Cerberus the most fearsome monster.